What is ElSol all about?

My name is Olga. I'm the founder of ElSol. People often ask me, “How did the idea of the school and the ElSol system occur to me?” My answer is pretty simple: “There was a dream.” There was a childhood dream to find the secret how to learn a foreign language easily; without tiresome homework, classical grammar exercises etc. It was a dream to create a system that would let a foreign language be learnt by itself. Many people have argued that it is impossible, and that a language is a fortress that must be taken by storm. Still I wanted to make the climb to this fortress interesting and exciting. That's how it all started...

How our teachers see ElSol

"For me, it is life" (Olga Klyuzko) "For me, it is more than a job" (Irina Kuchinskaya), "It is warm meetings" (Katerina Kononenko), "It is Home" (Katerina Minakova), "It is a bright life and enthusiasm "(Lydia Sukhla), "Comfortable walls" (Daria Koryagina)," It is burning eyes "(Nadezda Ostapets),« It's an inspiring challenge » (Hasnain Sukhla).

How our students see ElSol

Everything is like at home, it’s very comfortable and warm; there is always positive communication; bright and friendly; sooooo intensive and soft; originality in everything; a lot of interesting people; strong desire to attend classes; funny; it is tasty sometimes, I mean holidays, of course; plenty of sincere lessons; everything goes with joy and love.

What is the ElSol SYSTEM all about?

  • Maximum in the class and minimum at home. We are studying here and now!
  • Less of the teacher and more of the student, and all this starts in the target language from the first lesson.
  • 80% of interesting discussions at a round table, which creates a special atmosphere of unity, and 20% of active technical work to refresh our brain.
  • Active vocabulary and grammar. The students are brought to an emotional level of learning the language!
  • And, of course, Teachers who put their heart and soul into their students. For us, it is life!

Our SPICES: Autumn Ball (wow !!!!), Two weeks of COMPOTE (????), Spring MARATHON (what?), June TUNING (!?!?), Summer OKROSHKA, English Breakfast, English Dinner, Sharlotka for Teachers, Early Morning English Sprint.

Also: Speaking Club, Club de Parlanchines, DEUTSCH, ESPAÑOL, Grammar School, Club Start, TOEFL Strategy, KIDS classes, RUSSIAN for foreigners, Charity Lectures and many other things.

How our students see ElSol SYSTEM

We talk a lot, we talk all the time, non-stop; no word in Russian; maximum of practice; we touch interesting and important questions at the lesson; there are no classical grammar exercises; we learn to dream; develop creative thinking, our memory; we are being inspired; we get rich vocabulary; study without noticing that we study; every lesson is unique; the words occur to us themselves; the more we study, the more we know; we get an individual approach to each group; no language barrier; we speak and that's it; it's easy to study.

Who are we, ElSol TEACHERS?

«I respect a strong character, appreciate wisdom and sincerety. And every year I try to find the answer to a new question, for example, "What is the woman plus?"».

Olga Klyuzko


The eternal engine of progress, responsible, inspiring; sensible; straight, fair, open, diplomatic, burning with her dream, and just - a wise leader.

«Все намного проще, чем кажется».

Irina Kuchinskaya


Creative and innovative, likes joking and laughing, cheerful and kindhearted, a reliable friend and support, a strict teacher and a tender lady.

«I always want to make people and all the world around us a bit kinder and happier, and a smile helps me to do it. You should smile to people and they will smile to you.».

Ekaterina Kononenko


Accurate and creative, smiling and affectionate, hard-working and persistent, curious and logical, neat and good-looking.

«Я считаю, что по-настоящему счастливый человек тот, кто следует своим истинным желаниям, кто нашел свое любимое дело в жизни»

Ekaterina Minakova


Inspired and running; creative and curious; encouraged and engaged; believing and interesting; curly and charming.

Who are we, the teachers?

«I am fond of adults, kids and cheese. I admire English sense of humor as well. I accept life as it is. It is a mutual attraction.»

Lydia Sukhla


Tolerant and open; sincere and kind; wise and judicious; loyal and attentive; serious and joyful.

«I love people, love my job, love everything what I do. And I always remember that the best things in life aren't things.»

Nadezda Ostapets


Calm and emotional; responsible and progressive; patient and kind; deep and mysterious; initiative and executive.

«В жизни столько всего интересного и яркого, что нужно торопиться и смотреть по сторонам в оба – удивительное рядом и чудеса вокруг!»

Darya Koryagina


Unusual and burning; bright and positive; courageous and quick-moving; contradictory and logical; cheerful and friendly.

«Live each day as if it is the last».

Hasnain Sukhla


Kind and sincere; intelligent and honest; open and friendly; cool and classy.

Who are we, the teachers?

«This too shall pass!»

Anastasiya Zolochevska


Charismatic and open, precise and fast, determined and reliable, modest and strong. Looks just like a bunny but is a real soldier inside!

«Everything is possible.
And impossible things just demand more time».

Anna Chorna


Determined and quick-witted, young and kind, clever and ambitious, smartik and lively person , looks at the world with wide-open eyes.

«Красивым быть – не значит им родиться, Ведь красоте мы можем научиться. Когда красив душою Человек,
Какая внешность может с ней сравниться?»

Anna Balysh


Fashionable and bright; emotional and interesting; active and creative; cheerful and real; with a hitch and with a twist.

«Интерес к жизни и ко всему, чем занимаюсь в жизни!»

Oksana Myrna


kind and peaceful, sincere and diplomatic, responsible and talented, appreciating and patient, open-hearted and gimlet-eyed.

Who are we, the teachers?

«I believe that everything that comes from the heart reaches the heart. And every new day is a chance to become better!»

Ольга Тучина


Bright and hard-working, inquisitive and enthusiastic, easy-going and inspiring, softhearted and cheerful, a kind doctor and a sincere girl.

МЫ добрые и не кусаемся!»


Мы всегда будем рады искренним и честным; добрым и душевным; порядочным и надежным; умным и талантливым!
В общем, нашим новым ElSol учителям!

Appreciation from our students

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Our school has been working for 12 years.


We have been improving our system at ElSol for 12 years. That's why our students learn foreign languages easily and cheerfully.


It’s been 12 years of dedication. For everybody who comes to our house: for merry fellows and kind souls, for optimists and those who have given up studying a foreign language, for open and honest people. Generally, we are striving for perfection for OUR students.

We treat everybody carefully. We will do our best to hear, support and inspire YOU.
If you are ready to start the travel, we are ready to walk alongside with YOU!

What ELSE is it important to know?

How many times a week? Twice a week for 1 hour 45 minutes.
How many people are in the group? 10 people.
Trial lessons? 2 first classes (included in the price after the decision).
The cost? 2200 UAH = 15 lessons (2 months) + textbook (included in the price)
The duration of the course? MAIN = 20 months: 6 months - Elementary, 6 months - Pre-Intermediate, 8 months - Intermediate.
ADVANCED = 10 months: 6 months - Upper-Intermediate, 4 months - Advanced.
What is the timetable? In the morning: 8:00 - 9:45, 10:00 - 11:45.
In the daytime: 14:30 - 16:15.
In the evening: 17:00 – 18:45, 19:00 – 20:45.
When do we start to make up the groups? Basically it happens at the end of August and early September, and then all the year round.
How to check in? To call - to be interviewed (15 minutes) - to come to the trial lesson - to make up mind and study!

Our Contacts

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Please do not hesitate to contact us!
We are kind and do not bite anybody!

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